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Health and Diet
Today there is a diet and health revolution spreading quickly around the world and the goal is to be more healthy and free of illness and disorders.
We hear more about new disease spread of disease and disorders everyday. The word disease is to be dis-eased, not to be at ease. Being sick is not normal. Drugs alone are not the answer to preventing or healing disease. In some cases the side effects causes more issues for us.
What we eat has a direct part in our healthy being. Living in today's modern time, altering of food with genetic modification, chemical fertilization, antibiotics, growth hormones, chemical food additives to enhance processing of food to make it edible, all this is due to world population growth and making as high profit as possible, is a major part of getting toxins in us on a daily basis.
Animals in the wild never get the diseases we humans are challenged with and it is on the rise everyday like diabetes, heart attacks, and cancer. Our pets are facing illness since they have become under human care and using processed foods. In their nature animals do not exercise and have no over weight issues. Some animals do not loose their teeth, have no arthritis, diabetes, cancer, asthma, allergies, constipation, insomnia and live to be over 150 years old.
We are living in a time of high toxicity that overloads our bodies on a daily basis. We need to rid us from these toxins to allow our bodies to be as disease free as possible and take preventative steps to keep our health.
We accumulate toxins through many different factors such as: pollutants, computers and cell phones, strong cleaning products, cigarettes, industrial sprays, chemical pesticides, alcohol and much more.
Other sources of toxicity come from the water, the food we eat, the air, and our skin. Other contributing factors are our mental being through what we see and hear or what's happening on the news.

Let's eat food that is food, not food that looks like food.
Let's take steps towards a peaceful life style by taking ownership of our lives and be responsible for our bodies by taking part in educating ourselves with a professional in the field to reach our goal of living a happy healthy fulfilling life free of having a leash around our neck with a tag that has an illness written on it.
It is simple when you have the knowledge, and knowledge is freedom.
Let me help you set yourself up for success not failure.
It is now time to take action to bring a balance with nature and harmony with the universe to achieve peace and reduce harm.

Article by:
Setareh Vahdat
Alternative Medicine Nutrition Consultant

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