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What are Psychoneurology and Integrative Healing

What are Psychoneurology and Integrative Healing?

        In the May 1st, 2009 issue of Javanan Magazine we had the great opportunity to be interviewed by Mr. Zokaei and were written about in Farsi. We thought that a lot of our children or fellow Iranians who have been born and raised outside of our beautiful and precious homeland, Iran, and cannot read Farsi might be interested in gaining some information and insight on what we do in our dual PhD program in Psychoneurology and Integrative Healing. 

      Psychoneurology is a study of the interaction of the brain and nervous system and how our experience of the world is composed of various building blocks/elements. By altering these elements, we can create a corresponding change in our feelings, behavior, attitude, and how we experience the world. In Psychoneurology, our focus is generating and adding new choices/options to the patient/client, (known in Psychoneurology as Resources), that will change how they experience their world and how they respond to it. These Protocols, methods of Psychoneurology, can be used in lieu of a number of psycho-active medications (drugs) often with remarkable and lasting results

      Integrative Healing on the other hand is about creating balance in the body, mind, and spirit through different methodologies found in: Chinese Herbology, Ayruveda (Indian Herbology), Amazonian Herbology, Clinical Hypnotherapy, various yogas (unification of mind and body), and Biomedical Nutrition, just to name a few.

     In Psychoneurology, we view human beings as whole and complete, instead of broken or fractured.   Rather than labeling the client/patient, we gather the information that will be necessary for the creation of a successful outcome. This information gathering process is known as Calibration. Then we support the client in locating other resources, insights, abilities, or talents that they are utilizing in other areas of life or not accessing at all, at this time.  Finally, we help our client to fully access and integrate these resources, which they can start using in their life immediately to create new results.  

     Through Integrative Healing we assist people in creating balance in their mind and body so the dis-comfort or dis-ease will start to subside.

      In Psychoneurology our objective is to create the highest level of Thriving, as opposed to merely negating illness or dis-ease. Psychoneurology combines the wisdom from ancient practices with results generated through leading-edge technologies to create optimal health. Having the world view that perceives human beings as fundamentally perfect, whole, and complete, we add resources of joy and wholeness.

     There are 22 presuppositions in Psychoneurology on which we base our practice. For example, the 14th presupposition in Psychoneurology states that: “Body and mind are parts of the same system”. When there is an ailment in the body that has been created from a thought process, or an emotion which has not been dealt with properly, it will show up in a particular part or organ of the body as some kind of dis-ease, sickness, or pain. A healthy mind creates a healthy body and vice versa.

          We prefer to see our clients in person, one-on-one, because as human beings we are always communicating. We observe the autonomic responses of our clients/patients and connect with them not only through talking and listening but non-verbally as well. We interact with our clients/patients throughout the whole session and are not a silent receiver/observer. Our clients/patients leave the session energetic and happy with new resources to use right away in their everyday life.

     In regards to addictions, compulsive behaviors of any sort, even phobias, we believe that they are survival mechanisms and have been the best resources at the time that the person has had access to. Through our different techniques, we "will" find other positive neuro-pathways and integrate them in the client’s internal structure of experience. The client no longer has an experience of phobia or addiction anymore, but instead is using other effective ways to deal with life.  

     In summary, Psychoneurology is: Calibration, Identifying the Resource, and Integrating those Resources. It is a Destiny Technology and Outcome-Based approach verses the pathology driven model which comes from negating dis-ease, problems, or issues. We are technicians utilizing protocols to create change in our client/patient through changing the neuro-pathways (the way the client used to feel about some incident will be changed without losing the experience). Psychoneurology allows us to understand how our brain codes experiences. This is what enables us to make such surprisingly rapid changes. Psychoneurology demonstrates the more you focus your thought or energy on an issue, either positive or negative, the more you will expand it. Based on this belief, we concentrate more on “Thriving and Joy” in order to direct our subconscious to create more of what we want in our lives.

 For more information or to make an appointment, please contact us.

Noushin Talei Nikfarjam, PhDc abd @ 310-600-0289

Board Certification #: U5596305CABD

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