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Speed Your Healing Time With Pineapples

Pineapples have been recognized for an array of supremely beneficial nutrients for some time.

The special ingredient in a pineapple is called Bromelain, and it has been used for centuries in South American for digestive problems and all over the world with boxers to help prevent and heal bruises after a fight.

Bromelain acts as an anti-inflammatory as well as a clean-up crew for your skin, sweeping away dead cells so damaged tissue can heal more quickly.

A recent study in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery claims a nutrient combo including bromelain, vitamin C, rutin and grapeseed extract can cut down a facelift recovery time by almost 20%.

Pineapple is also a top course of Vitamin C, providing 130% of your daily needs per cup. Research shows women who get the most vitamin C from their diets have smoother, moister and more youthful looking skin. The reason behind this is because the body needs Vitamin C to spur cell turnover and collagen formation.

Finally, pineapple also provides 80% of your daily magnesium, essential for anyone recovery from a procedure. Healing wounds, whether from a facelift or an injectable filler like Juvederm require increased production of cartilage and collagen, and magnesium helps support this demand.

Although eating a pineapple does provide some Bromelain, the most effective way to get Bromelain is through an oral supplement, which can be found at your local vitamin store.

So if you're looking to heal in a hurry, don't forget about a juicy pineapple the next time you have work done!

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