Tending Growth by Building Confidence
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Tending Growth by Building Confidence, An interactive workshop to understand confidence in the self and how to build it using strategies based in psychology and neuroscience.
Join Shabnam Kimia, certified empowerment coach for this 2 hour interactive workshop.
The workshop includes a presentation, small group discussions and time for live Q&A .
9:00 AM – 11:00 AM PDT . information: coachkimia@gmail.com .

So much of our creativity, our dreams intentions and goals never see the light of the day simply because they don’t stand a chance against the brutal forces of self-doubt, fear and shame, like seeds a gardener plants they need to be tended to and nurtured to take root.

That can change. Self-doubt is a habit and we can learn to break it. Confidence is a skill and we can learn to build it.

Join Shabnam Kimia, certified empowerment coach for this 2 hour interactive workshop where we will learn about:

-a basic understanding of confidence in the self, what it is and what its not

-how it is developed and its contribution to our productivity, success and over all wellbeing

-self-doubt and shame and our personal triggers as the main impediments to our growth

-how to heal the shame and become shame resilient

-the neuroscience of confidence; training our brains to overcome self-doubt and become more confident

Shabnam Kimia MA, ACC

Shabnam is a professional life and executive coach with great passion for helping people transform and make the most out of their lives. . She holds a BS in Business Administration, an MA in Organizational Management and certification in professional coaching.


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