Aroosi: 150 Years of Iranian Wedding Traditions

Free Exhibition runs from February 24 - May 1, 2020
1st Floor of the historic Doheny Library at the University of
Southern California.

A free crowd sourced exhibition organized by Farhang Foundation
in association with the USC Libraries and the USC Dornsife
Department of Middle East Studies, curated by Dr. Pedram

Within its great ethnical diversity, religious plurality, and cultural
differences, the Iranian society considers the wedding ritual and
its related ceremonies and customs as one of the most important
pillars of Persian culture. Iranian families within Iran and in the
Diaspora celebrate the weddings of their loved ones with great joy
and happiness.

The preparation of a traditional wedding may begin a year in
advance with great joy. During this period, parents and family
members of the bride and groom work closely together on all
parts of the planning and preparation, such as the dowry list and
bridal gifts, the wedding spread, and the wedding dress.

This first-ever exhibit provides a remarkable cultural insight
through fascinating visual art and material culture of the Iranian
wedding since the reign of Naser al-Din Shah Qajar (r. 1848-1896).
The exhibition covers not only the formal aspects, such as the pre-
wedding documents and the beautifully ornamented marriage
contracts, but in addition Qajar embroidered fabrics and textiles,
paintings and photographs demonstrate the diversity of wedding
traditions among Iranian families.