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VIP Dental Hygiene
VIP Dental Hygiene
Mahnaz Ahangar
P.O Box 49775
Los Angeles CA 90045

Tel: 310.795.0179
VIP Dental Hygiene is a mobile dental hygiene service owned and operated by Mahnaz Ahangar, which brings dental hygiene services to you using state-of- the-art portable dental equipment. I am proud to serve home-healthcare and those who live in: independent/assisted living care facilities, retirement homes/senior care homes, nursing homes, group homes, hospitals and those in school… all Very Important People. Services provided include oral health assessment, Prophylaxis (Teeth Cleaning), Scaling and Root Planning (Deep Cleaning), Soft Tissue Exam, Periodontal (Gum) Evaluation, Oral Cancer Screening, Dry Mouth Therapy, Cleaning of dentures, Personalized Oral Hygiene Instructions and Training and support for family and caregivers. Referrals are given as needed.