UCLA Celebration of Iranian Cinema
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UCLA Film & Television Archive and Farhang Foundation present
the annual UCLA Celebration of Iranian Cinema at the Billy
Wilder Theater at the Hammer Museum in Westwood Village.
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All films in Persian, except where noted.

Saturday, April, 28 – 7:30 pm - OPENING NIGHT
No Date, No Signature - LOS ANGELES PREMIERE!
A late night car accident involving a respected forensic doctor
(Amir Agha’ee) and a working class family—that may have lead
to the death of family’s youngest son—triggers a series of
deceptions and revelations that come to consume everyone
involved with questions of guilt and responsibility. Vahid
Jalilvand (Wednesday, May 9) was named Best Director at the
2017 Fajr Film Festival for this tightly wound drama and Navid
Mohammadzadeh won Best Supporting Actor for his gripping
portrayal of the boy’s father.

Director: Vahid Jalilvand
Cast: Navid Mohammadzadeh, Amir Agha’ee, Hediyeh Tehrani,
Zakiyeh Behbahani, Sa’eed Dakh

Sunday, April, 29 – 7:00 pm
Director Ida Panahandeh (Nahid) brings a sensitive eye to the
dynamics of a couple caught up in the throes of love and
regret. Still in mourning after the death of her son, the
widowed Mahi (Hedieh Tehrani) learns that her first love—who
left town when their relationship sparked a scandal—has
returned. Haunted by the past but longing for a new future,
Mahi and Behrooz (Pejman Bazeghi) are drawn together again
at the risk reopening old wounds.

Director: Ida Panahandeh
Screenwriter: Arsalan Amiri, Ida Panahandeh
Cast: Hedieh Tehrani, Pejman Bazeghi, Hoda Zeinolabedin,
Merila Zarei, Pouria Rahimi Sam

Friday, May, 4 – 7:30 pm
The Home (Ev) - U.S. PREMIERE!
Writer-director Asghar Yousefinejad knocks us off emotional
balance right from the start of his debut feature with a grieving
daughter’s explosive protests over the fate of her father’s
corpse. Yousefinejad ratchets things up from there, confining
the action to follow to the dead man’s home, where a parade of
suddenly interested parties intervene, and what begins as a
family drama, reveals itself as a sharp satire in which
everyone’s motives become suspect. Winner of best film and
best screenplay in the international competition at the Fajr
Film Festival.

Director/Screenwriter: Asghar Yousefinejad
Cast: Ramin Riazi, Mohadeseh Heyrat, Gholamreza Bagheri,
Sedigheh Daryani

Saturday, May, 5 – 7:30 pm - Double Feature
Locked in a custody battle with her ex-husband over their
young son and desperate for cash, Neda turns to smuggling
heroin over the border as a way out. When a veteran drug
mule, Mansour, sees Neda, pale and shaky, at the airport, he
knows something has gone terribly wrong with her and
reluctantly agrees to get her medical help. Thus begins a
gripping race against time through Tehran’s criminal
underground where everything has its price.

Director: Mehdi Rahmani
Cast: Mansour Shahbazi, Neda Jebraili, Mohammad-ali Najafi,
Asghar Rafie Jam, Shirin Yazdanbakhsh.

With a nod to Lars Von Trier’s Dogville (2003) and riding an
emerging wave of formal experimentation among young
Iranian filmmakers, actor-director Abed Abest, star of Shahram
Mokri’s Fish & Cat (2013), plays compellingly with time and
space in telling the story of a boys’ night out gone tragically
wrong. Told in reverse chronological order and set entirely on a
darkened soundstage with locations and props marked out in
green screen material, Simulation delivers on its title to
challenge our notions of truth and reality.

Director/Screenwriter: Abed Abest
Cast: Abed Abest, Shahrzad Seifi, Vahid Rad, Majid Yousefi

Sunday, May, 6 – 7:00 pm
Golden Time
A panoptic view of a society on the edge, Golden Time unfolds
as a dozen vignettes of people who find themselves suddenly
faced with stark turning points in their lives, by fate or the
imposition of others. Each story is shot a single take, in a
vehicle, at dusk with writer-director Pourya Kakavand
exploring a wide array of scenarios and emotions—blackmail,
betrayal, violence and other unsavory scenarios come into
play—all set against the transitive glow of twilight.

Director: Pourya Kakavand
Cast: Amirhosein Fathi, Houshang Golmakani, Arash
Falahatpishe, Faeze Alavi, Faraz Sarabi

Friday, May, 11 – 7:30 pm - Double Feature

A Tehran city official charged with policing illegal street
vendors, Ghasem (Hamed Behdad) shakes them down for bribes
instead. Fearing he’ll soon be fired for corruption, Ghasem
desperately scrambles to set up another scam using his wife’s
inheritance. One bad decision leads to another with the
personal stakes getting higher each time in director Mohsen
Gharaie’s taut, sharply drawn feature debut.

Director: Mohsen Gharaie
Cast: Hamed Behdad, Baran Kosari, Mohsen Kiaie, Nader
Fallah, Giti Ghasemi

Valderrama (Iran, 2016)
Valderrama, a name the 15-year-old soccer fan borrowed from
his idol, Colombian soccer star, Carlos Valderrama, is without
any immediate family or an official ID card. After an incident at
the job where he works illegally, Valderrama skips town to
Tehran where he falls into an underground economy of illegal
street vendors, squatters and drug dealers. Director Abbas
Amini plunges us into this fraught world and the plight of other
kids like Valderrama without ever resorting to easy sympathy
or answers.
Producer: Majid Barzegar

Director: Abbas Amini
Cast: Hamed Alipour, Nafiseh Zare, Gity Ghasemi, Assadolah

Saturday, May, 12 – 3:00 pm
A Man of Integrity
Reza (Reza Akhlaghirad), a goldfish farmer, and his wife, Hadis
(Soudabeh Beizaee), a teacher, struggle to get by, in part
because of Reza’s principled refusal to participate in the local
culture of kickbacks and bribes. An outsider who relocated his
family from Tehran, Reza becomes enmeshed in a violent
battle of wills with thuggish officials in the pocket of an
unnamed company. Winner of the Un Certain Regard prize at
Cannes, writer-director Mohammad Rasoulof’s blistering
depiction of corruption and injustice resonates well beyond the
rural, small-town setting where its story unfolds.

Director: Mohammad Rasoulof
Cast: Reza Akhlaghirad, Soudabeh Beizaee, Nasim Adabi,
Misagh Zare, Zeinab Shabani

Saturday, May, 12 – 7:30 pm
24 Frames (Iran, 2017)

Sunday, May 13 – 7:00 pm
24 Frames (Iran, 2017)

Director Abbas Kiarostami’s final film, completed after his
death under the supervision of his son Ahmad, is structured as
a series of two dozen, beautifully composed, black-and-white
still images—the frames of the title—that Kiarostami brings to
animated life. Wintry scenes predominate with animals—birds,
cows, sheep, a cat—the only living presence found throughout.
Captivating and curious, it invites meditation, on the nature of
the moving image, the transformative power of art, and the
legacy of a life spent deeply, movingly engaged with both.

Director: Abbas Kiarostami

Friday, May, 18 – 7:30 pm

After her businessman father’s death is declared a suicide,
Negar (Negar Javaherian) experiences strange, fragmentary
visions that suggest otherwise. With her father’s debts
suddenly pressing down on the family, Negar begins her own
investigation into what happened, which could lead her to the
truth or into madness.
Director: Rambod Javan
Cast: Negar Javaherian, Mohammad Reza Froutan, Mani
Haghighi, Atila Pesiani, Alireza Shojanouri

Saturday, May, 19 – 7:30 pm
Bashu, The Little Stranger (Iran, 1985)

Writer-director Bahram Beyzaie’s landmark film follows young
refugee Bashu from his southern home where his family is
killed in a bomb attack during the Iran-Iraq War to a northern
Iranian village where he is reluctantly taken in by Naii (Susan
Taslimi), a farmer’s wife with two children already whose
husband is off looking for work. What follows is a powerful,
moving story of difference and acceptance in a country largely
perceived as ethnically, linguistically and culturally monolithic.
Beyzaie’s sensitivity to the plight of the displaced and the
trauma of war makes this timeless work as relevant now as

Director: Bahram Beyzaie
Cast: Susan Taslimi, Parviz Poorhosseini, Adnan Afravian

Information: http://www.Farhang.org/UCLA18