Healing Group Meditation with Sudi Burnett
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Introductory session for all levels of healing an evolution.
We gather to clear stagnated energy, release blocks, and to reactivate high-level circulation. Our mission is to reset your systems and allow you to embody your fullest divine potential.

from 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM
Address: 17071 Ventura Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 91316, information: (310)877-7574 .

There are four+ levels of bodies. The Spiritual body, the Mental body, the Emotional body, and the Physical body.

Physical disabilities, diseases, etc. all have roots in our energetic bodies. When you receive information or knowledge from a source such as a guru, it's not always digestible. True integration and digestion come with the embodiment and personal experience. Trance dance is a process that allows integration of new knowledge, without the mind. When your flow state (soul) comes to the surface, information is integrated. Integration cannot always happen at the level of the mind, therefore, self-embodiment is key. When you receive healing and vibrations are raised, you may face variations in your energy levels as the healing continues for a few days after. If so, you must listen to your body and rest more to allow the body to integrate.

We look forward to assisting you on your path to a greater embodiment of the divine.
Website: https://sudabeh.com

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