UCLA Celebration of Iranian Cinema

The UCLA Film and Television Archive and Farhang Foundation
present the annual UCLA Celebration of Iranian Cinema at the
Billy Wilder Theater at the Hammer Museum in Westwood Village.

Fore VIP Opening Reception and General Admission Tickets,
Please visit Farhang.org/UCLA17

Saturday, May 6 - 7:30 p.m.
LIFE AND A DAY (Abad va yek rooz) (2016)
Directed by Saeed Roostaee. Producer Saeed Malekan. Screenplay
Saeed Roostaee. Cinematography: Ali Ghazi. Editor: Bahram
Dehghan. Music: Omid Raisdana. With: Payman Maadi, Navid
Mohammadzadeh, Parinaz Izadyar, Shirin Yazdanbakhsh.
A family beset by long simmering troubles and conflicts struggles
to hold itself together after the death of its patriarch in writer-
director Saeed Roostaee’s explosive and riveting feature debut.
115 min.

Sunday, May 7 - 3:00 p.m.
Directed by Reza Dormishian. Producer: Reza Dormishian.
Screenwriter: Reza Dormishian. Cinematography: Ashkan Ashkani.
Editor: Hayedeh Safiyari. Music: Keyhan Kalhor. Production Design:
Mohsen Nasrollahi. With: Navid Mohammadzadeh, Maryam
Palizban, Baran Kosari, Mehdi Kooshki, Bahram Afshan.
Writer-director Reza Dormishian (I’m Not Angry!) intensifies his
blistering critique of Iranian society with this jagged crime
thriller/social drama mash-up in which a horrific attack on a
political activist exposes the tenuous nature of reality itself in a
country deeply divided.
115 min.

Sunday, May 7 - 7:00 p.m.
Directed by Babak Jalali. Producer: Marjaneh Moghimi. Screenplay:
Aida Ahadiany, Babak Jalali. Cinematography: Noaz Deshe. Editor:
Nico Leunen, Babak Salek. Music: Mahmoud Schricker. Production
design: Laura Lahti. With: Mohsen Namjoo, Boshra Dastournezhad,
Raby Adib, Sulyman Qardash, Lars Ulrich.
Winner of the prestigious Tiger Award at Rotterdam last year,
Babak Jalali’s dry culture- clash comedy unfolds over the course of
a single day as a Persian-language radio station in San Francisco
awaits the imminent arrival of Metallica.
91 min.

Monday, May 8 - 7:30 p.m.
BREATH (2016)
Directed by Narges Abyar. Producers: Mohammad-Hossein
Ghassemi, Abouzar Pourmohammadi. Screenwriter: Narges Abyar.
Cinematography: Saed Nikzat. Editor: Sajad Pahlevanzadeh. Music:
Massoud Sekhavatdoust. With: Sareh Nour Mousavi, Pantea Panahi
Ha, Mehran Ahmadi, Jamshid Hashempour, Shabnam Moghadami.
Writer-director Narges Abyar (Trench 143) blends humor and
hardship, animation and live-action in adapting her own novel
about a young girl’s rural childhood before her world is turned
upside down by the Iran-Iraq War.
118 min.

Friday, May 12 - 7:30 p.m.
FINALS (Emtehan Nahaee) (2016)
Directed by Adel Yaraghi. Producer: Adel Yaraghi, Mostafa
Shayesteh. Screenwriters: Adel Yaraghi, Abbas Kiarostami.
Cinematography: Hossein Jafarian. Editor: Adel Yaraghi. With:
Shahab Hosseini, Leila Zare.
When his mother (Zare) becomes engaged to his math teacher
(Hosseini), Saeed (Salamanti) withdraws deeper into a rebellious,
adolescent nihilism that threatens not just his future but his
family’s future, as well, in this tense, domestic drama co-written by
Abbas Kiarostami.
94 min.

Saturday, May 13 - 3:00 p.m.
TEN (2002)
Directed by Abbas Kiarostami. Producers: Marin Karmitz, Abbas
Kiarostami. Screenwriter: Abbas Kiarostami. Cinematography:
Abbas Kiarostami. Editor: Vahid Ghazi, Abbas Kiarostami, Bahman
Kiarostami. With: Mania Akbari, Amin Maher, Kamran Adl, Roya
Akbari, Amene Moradi.
A work of stylistic daring and thematic power, Ten is a mid-career
masterpiece that found Kiarostami working at the height of his
powers even as it points to his bold new directions to come. This
special screening will be followed by a conversation about
Kiarostami’s life, work and legacy.
94 min.

Saturday, May 13 - 7:30 p.m.
Directed by Seifollah Samadian. Producer: Seifollah Samadian.
Screenplay: Seifollah Samadian. Cinematography: Seifollah
Samadian. With: Abbas Kiarostami, Juliette Binoche, Massoud
Kimiai, Jafar Panahi, Ali Reza Raiesian.
Acclaimed photographery Seifollah Samadian, a long-time
collaborator with Abbas Kiarostami, turns years of behind-the-
scenes footage shot during their close creative partnership into a
beautiful, understated and inspiring tribute to this giant of cinema
by simply allowing us to watch, without commentary, Kiarostami at
76 min.
Preceded by:
Directed by Abbas Kiarostami. Editor: Adel Yaraghi. Music: Peter
Soleymanipour. With: Biagio di Tonno.
Produced in Italy, Kiarostami’s delightful, beguiling final film
evokes The Red Balloon by way of Italo Calvino when a young boy
loses control of a soccer ball that then bounces down a seemingly
endless series of stones steps.
16 min.

Sunday, May 14 - 7:00 p.m. (Double Feature)
STARLESS DREAMS (Royahaye Dame Sobh) (2016)
Directed by Mehrdad Oskouei.
Documentarian Mehrdad Oskouei crafts a delicate but powerful
portrait of young Iranian women struggling with abuse and
addiction at a detention facility where they share with his camera
their stories of pain, hope and resilience.
DCP, color, 76 min

HEY, HUMANS (2016)
Directed by Rakhshan Bani Etemad.
Producer: Rakhshan Bani Etemad.
Cinematography: Mohammad Reza Jahanpanah, Mohammad
Editor: Shirin Barghnavard.
Music: Siamak Kalantari.
The latest documentary from master filmmaker Rakhshan
Banietemad (Tales, Nargess) quietly extolls the tireless work of the
Chain of Hope Institute, which connects Iranian children in poverty
who have serious heart and orthopedic conditions with
international doctors who perform the life- saving surgeries they
need. , 66 min.

Thursday, May 18 - 7:30 p.m.
DAUGHTER (Dokhtar) (2016)
Directed by Reza Mirkarimi. Producer: Reza Mirkarimi. Screenwriter:
Reza Mirkarimi. Cinematography: Hamid Khouzouei. Editor:
Meysam Movini. Music: Mohammad Reza Aligholi. With: Farhad
Aslani, Merila Zarei, Mahour Alvand, Mehran Kashani.
In defiance of her traditional father (Aslani), Setareh (Alvand) sets
out for on a day trip to Tehran from Abadan to attend a friend’s
going away party, triggering a family crisis that engulfs multiple
generations in writer-director Reza Mirkarimi’s richly shot and
wonderfully acted story of the intersecting divisions that mark
contemporary Iran.
103 min.

Friday, May 19 - 7:30 p.m.
Directed by Behnam Behzadi. Producer: Behnam Behzadi.
Screenwriter: Behnam Behzadi. Cinematography: Bahram
Badakshani. Editor: Meysam Molaei. Music: Shar Sakhaei. With:
Sahar Dowlatshahi, Ali Mostaffa, Setareh Pesyani, Alireza
Aghakhani, Roya Javidnia.
Nilafoor (Dowlatshahi) believes she’s in control of her life –
running her father’s business, beginning a new relationship – until
her mother’s illness prompts her siblings to start making decisions
on her behalf and she’s forced to fight back in writer-director
Behnam Behzadi tightly drawn family drama which premiered in
Un Certain Regard at Cannes last year.
84 min.

Information: www.farhang.org