Contested Terrains of Iranian Culture

February 9
Throughout modern Iranian history, culture has served as a means of imposing unity and cohesion onto society. The Pahlavi monarchs used it to project an image of Iran as an ancient civilization, re-emerging as an equal to Western nations, while the revolutionaries deployed it to remake the country into an Islamic nation. Just as Iranian culture has been continually re-interpreted, the representations and avocations of Iranian identity vary amongst Iranians across the world. This presentation will explore how the contested and contradictory claims to culture can inform and reshape the conceptualization of culture.
A lecture in English.
3:00 pm - 5:00 pm,

at NELC Seminar Room (Humanities 365)
365 Humanities
Los Angeles, CA 90095 .
UCLA Iranian Studies, information: 310-206-6042.