Book Presentation by Mitra Rahbar Author of Miraculous Silence

Mitra Rahbar, author, spiritual teacher, and songstress, will present her first book,
Miraculous Silence at the East West Bookstore in Mountain View, CA There will be a brief
meditation accompanied with the guitar music of Rama Morovati,A
Q & A and book signing will follow. This event is free. For Free Tickets call: 650-988-9800

Miraculous Silence has been endorsed by Jennifer Aniston, Sheryl Crow, Gisele Bundchen and
spiritual leader, Michael Beckwith.

Book Presentation by spiritual teacher, intuit, and songstress Mitra Rahbar at East
West Bookstore in Mountain View. Miraculous Silence is Rahbar's first book, and
has been published by Penguin Random House.

The presentation will be followed by a brief meditation and reading, accompanied
by the guitar of Rama Morovati. A Q & A followed by a book signing will follow.
The audio book has the voices of Diane Lane, Billy Dee Wiliams, Jennifer Aniston, Courteney
Cox, Michael Beckwith, Jackson Galaxy, Rama Morovati, and Mitra Rahbar

This book is published by Penguin-Random House .