March 19, 2019 

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Rostam and Sohrab

Rostam: Tales of the Shahnameh This book chronicles the popular Rostam and Sohrab story as told in the epic poem The Shahnameh (Book of Kings) by the famed Persian poet Ferdowsi. 32 pages.
Price: $5.95


Return of the King

Rostam: Return of the King The comic book adaptation of the classic Persian tale. Story of Kai-Kavous and Soudabeh adapted from the original epic poem The Shahnameh, by Ferdowsi. 32 pages.
Price: $5.95


Battle with the Deevs

The comic book adaptation of the classic Persian tale. read the details...
Price: $5.95


3 Pack: Rostam Books 1,2,3 by Hyperwerks

Rostam: Rostam & Sohrab (book 1) Rostam: Return of The King (book 2) Rostam: Battle with the Deevs (book 3)
Price: $15.00


Search For The King

Beginning with an introduction to Saum, (Rostam's grandfather) followed by the tale of Zal, Simurgh, and Rostam's birth & early childhood.
Price: $5.95


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